Armwood Awning Windows feature
a design similar to casements but most often having a horizontal shape and opening from the bottom.

Awning windows can be installed singly or with other styles providing more light and ventilation. Awning windows open out from the bottom, letting air circulate freely while providing a unique protective shield to keep rain out.

Awning windows can be ordered single, stacked, side-by-side or matched with fixed windows.

Benefits of Armwood Awning Windows


This style is especially practicle if the window is installed in an awkward area where lifting would be difficult. The crank style opener makes for ease of opening.

View the energy saving features that are built into every Armwood window.

Easy to Clean

The exterior glass of an Armwood casement window can easily be wiped clean.

Low Maintenance

Armwood PVC window frames will never peel, rot or corrode nor will they ever require scraping, painting or staining.